A Better Customer Experience

VOICEtech is our Cx/Ex/Hx and Analytics brand. Customer Experience, Loyalty and Client Satisfaction are all driven by what your customers say and feel, not what score they give you. NPS does not tell you what to do to make things better, or strive to continue – You need deep insights and a true understanding of your clients’ thoughts and feelings. Action is driven by knowledge, and we are about to launch, a nexus to build your understanding using 3 primary technologies:

  • Community Research – tap into your fans and learn longitudinally from them about all aspects of your brand perception, product use, customer journey, etc
  • Text Analytics – take a look at what your customers say, determine defection risk, explore “bright spots”, and drive change that has results
  • Emotional Analytics – Building on text, dig deep into the emotions your customers are feeling, we are all emotional beings, and these emotions inspire or destroy loyalty

Combined or independently, implementation of these technologies can help your business learn and improve overall results.

Manage Your Reputation is COMING SOON to help you manage your business reputation on Social Media. Enable your customers to tell you how they feel, and make sure they are satisfied.

If you want to learn more, please email us at Thank you.