Visionary Rebel

Looking forward with attitude


New Focus, New opportunities!

It is the beginning of a new chapter. Visionary Rebel is about to start two new endeavours to help clients. Reputation Management and Google Ratings Focused for small to mid client, the new program will begin shortly. What is it? This platform will affordably allow businesses to manage their Google ratings and client satisfaction. […]

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Trust in Business

Recently dealing with a company that is low on trust and high on promise prompted me to write a post on trust in business. I wrote the post and left it, did not publish it. I was upset at how personal it was, and how it really made me feel betrayed just reading it. I […]

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SMS Marketing

Do you ever need to tell a lot of people something NOW ? Do you want over 90% of your customers to read your message ? Marketing correctly with text-messaging (SMS) can have a significant impact on your business. By offering value to your message, and making an actionable item, you can easily increase sales, […]

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